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To see the CELTIC ART OF HAMISH BURGESS please visit our Gallery page.

Aloha folks. My brand new CELTIC ART OF HAMISH BURGESS website is now open at, and the shop is open to view, but orders are closed until Hamish gets back to Maui.
Apologies, but my Etsy shop HamishBurgessArtist is now closed, due to ludicrous security rules imposed by Etsy.

Hamish Burgess will be a speaker, and exhibiting The Celtic Art of Hamish Burgess at the International Day of Celtic Art Conference on June 8-11th in Downpatrick, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, the final resting place of St.Patrick himself. He is humbled to be included among stellar artists and archaeologists from around the world, speaking about their work, displaying artworks and doing demonstrations. Events start with a tour locally on Day 1, Conference Days 2 & 3.

For the MAUI CELTIC RADIO SHOW head to our Maui Celtic Radio page.

The last five years of the The Maui Celtic Show are now available to listen at New uploads regularly. Easy to sign up, and free. A treat for yer Celtic lugs!

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Events on Maui & Oahu

Events on Maui and Oahu

Keep an eye on the Celtic Events held on MAUI, OAHU and HAWAII. From Radio shows to live concerts, you'll find all the info you need, right here at

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Our online store is currently set up for the US Market. We invite Canadian, European and other international Celts to browse the store and then e-mail us for specific shipping quotes. Our published shipping rates are for the US only.

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The new CELTIC ART OF HAMISH BURGESS website is now open at, and the shop is open for orders!

'I AM MUSIC' by Allan C. Inman
Illuminated by Hamish Douglas Burgess © Hamish Burgess 2017

More details on the artwork above & below on our Gallery page.

'MAUI CELTACEAN' © Hamish Burgess 2014

'Maui Celtacean' by Hamish Burgess © 2014

More details on the artwork above & below on our Gallery page.

'THE LIFE OF THE ROVER' © Hamish Burgess 2013

'THE LIFE OF THE ROVER' by Hamish Burgess © 2012

'THE LIFE OF THE ROVER' © Hamish Burgess 2013. Original Celtic art by Hamish Burgess, on stained watercolour paper, with acrylic paint colours, and acrylic black ink outline. A piece commissioned by George Millar founder of the legendary Irish Rovers, for the cover of the new triple CD "The Irish Rovers - 50 Years". Available now at The Irish Rovers online store, as well as an 18" x 24" art poster, with a black surround and writing area underneath. The above artwork is available as a 24 x 24 inch limited edition giclee print on watercolour paper, signed and numbered, costing $200. Please email Hamish at

is online ! Hamish of Maui Celtic together with the Hawaii Tartan's designer Douglas Herring, have made the history and information about this beautiful tartan, or plaid, easily available to the public on our 'Hawaii Tartan' page.

New cool Hawaii Tartan Apparel is available !

Hawaii Tartan

Sashes, Mini-sashes, Shawls, Fly Plaids, Head Wraps, as well as the previously available made-to-measure Scottish wool Kilts. Give a gift of Hawaii Tartan to your friends and family - you can find these new items in our "Online Store" now !



Unfortunately MAUI CELTIC will NOT be at the Scottish event of the year in the Hawaiian Islands over on Oahu, The Hawaiian Scottish Association Annual Hawaiian Scottish Festival & Highland Games. Apologies to our friends in Honolulu, and we hope to see you soon. Meanwhile you can still pick up fine Celtic imports and Maui Celtic logowear at our Online Store.

Hamish & Jennifer at the Maui Celtic booth - 2013 Hawaiian Scottish Festival, Waikiki

Hamish & Jennifer at the Maui Celtic booth - 32nd Hawaiian Scottish Festival, Waikiki

A RED CELTIC DRAGON ON MAUI.... look out for Hamishs biggest Celtic art piece that was featured in KELTIA magazine in France, alongside Hawaiian Princess Ka’iulani and her Scottish father Achibald Cleghorn, in an article about Celtic connections in Hawaii.

Hamish's latest Celtic art - The Celtic Chariot - Celtic Dragon surf truck

Maui Celtic's own Hamish Douglas Burgess was awarded 'Scot of the Year' in 2010 by the Caledonian Society of Hawaii on Saturday April 10th at the Hawaiian Scotish Festival, for services to the Scottish/Hawaiian community. "The Caledonian Society has presented this award each year since 1987 to an individual who is of Scottish descent or has embraced an interest in Scotland and Scottish culture, has supported the Scottish community in Hawai'i, and has made a contribution to the Hawaiian community in general. The Board members of the Caledonian Society believe that you meet these criteria and are a person who exemplifies the values upon which this award is based."
Hamish would like to humbly extend his gratitude to the Hawaiian Scots for this recognition - Mahalo.

Hamish Douglas Burgess awarded 'Scot of the Year' 2010 by the Caledonian Society of Hawaii

Hamish Douglas Burgess (right) recieving 'Scot of the Year' award from Caledonian Society of Hawaii Chieftain Bruce McEwan (left) at the Hawaiian Scottish Festival




Part of 'HOMECOMING SCOTLAND 2009', 'THE GATHERING' was a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of Scotland's culture, a 2 day festival and Highland Games in Holyrood Park, bringing together around 40,000 people from all over the world, with music, athletics, and the biggest clan gathering in memory. As Scottish Ambassador for The Princess Ka’iulani Project, Hamish also took the story of Hawaii’s most beloved Hawaii/Scot back to her father’s homeland, where he was a featured guest on Liz Clark’s  show “Travels with My Auntie Liz” on Celtic Music Radio Scotland, and broadcasting icon Archie Fisher’s “Travelling Folk” show on BBC Radio Scotland, both in Glasgow.

Hamish Douglas Burgess at the Clan Convention, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh 2009

Hamish also attended the first ever Clan Convention, at the Scottish Parliament (Pàrlamaid na h-Alba) building, where over 100 Scottish Clan Chiefs and clan dignitaries from around the world discussed the role of the Clans in the modern world.
While representing Scots of Hawaii, he reported on events and interviewed traditional musicians for his Celtic music radio show. More details on all the shows on our Maui Celtic Radio page. For the full story with photographs, please visit our Blog/News Archive page 2009.

For ongoing adventures of Hamish and Jennifer see the "Maui Celtic Blog" and for older happenings, please visit our News Archive page.

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YOU CAN NOW ORDER COOL CELTIC GIFTS ON THE 'MAUI CELTIC ONLINE STORE'. We invite you to check it out by clicking the 'Storefront' button.

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MAUI CELTIC IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE NOW HAVE A NEW RANGE OF TEMPORARY CELTIC TATTOOS AVAILABLE IN OUR 'MAUI CELTIC ONLINE STORE'. TATTOO AND PACKACKING DESIGNED AND DRAWN BY HAMISH RIGHT HERE ON MAUI. So far we have two triscele designs and an armband. More to follow soon. Shipping is only a dollar each. Easy to put on with water - last up to a week. Fun and safe. Great for kids. Full instructions on the tattoo.

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'OLD, WISE, WARRIOR' by Hamish Burgess - full image on our GALLERY page

'Old, Wise, Warrior' detail by Hamish Douglas Burgess 2009




The ancient culture of the Celts , although geographically far from these Islands, did in fact have many similarities to the ancient Hawaiian culture.

Both cultures had their own mythology, legends of 'little people' and famous heros, and a belief that animate and inanimate things could posess spiritual power. They both revered the natural forces of their world, with gods and goddesses relevant to that. They both understood their place in their land, the natural way of things inherently entwined with their daily life, and so lived in harmony with nature.

Both cultures ended a seasonal war period every year when the Pleiades stars rose in the night sky, around the end of October. The Hawaiian war god Ku ended his reign, and a season of festivities called Makahiki, began under the god Lono. In the Celtic world, the war goddess The Morrigan ended her reign, and mated with The Good God Dagda, heralding the festival of Samhain.

Celtic Tree of Life by Hamish Burgess

Both cultures lived in tribes or clans, often in conflict to expand their territories, with an area of land traditionally associated with the clan. Each clan had their own chief or king, who ruled the land for the communual use of his people.

Neither culture had a system of writing, therefore had an oral tradition, stretching back many hundreds of years. The wise men, Druids in the Celtic world, and Kahunas in Hawaii, were keepers of knowledge, genaeology, history, and were healers and experts in certain fields. Both cultures were practised in the art of tattooing, and had a reputation as fierce warriors.

Both cultures at some time were taken over by outsiders, and a new religion, and were stopped from using their language, music, and traditional way of dress. Both later overcame that adversity with a revival of culture.

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'GUARDIAN OF THE GODDESS' by Hamish Douglas Burgess 2009

"Guardian of the Goddess" by Hamish Douglas Burgess


Aloha folks. My brand new CELTIC ART OF HAMISH BURGESS website is now open at, and the shop is open for orders!

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MAUI CELTIC IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT OUR WEBSITE RECEIVED AN AWARD FROM THE 'NEW WORLD CELTS' ORGANIZATION, a charitable organization dedicated to promoting Celtic History and supporting Celtic Culture in the New World. Their new chapter is a Hawai'i Branch based over on Oahu.

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