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The spiral was a sacred symbol to many ancient peoples. The pre-celtic builders of the 5000 year old passage tomb of Newgrange (Ireland) inscribed a large triple spiral on the massive entry stone of their solstice aligned monument.

The number three was sacred to the ancient Celts, because of their Triple Goddess, with her three aspects as Maiden, Mother and Crone, represented by the Triscele symbol (also called Triskell, Triscellion, or Triqueta). The device has been found on many ancient artifacts, including the helmets of ancient warrior kings and queens, armour, weapons, and jewelry. The triple spiral is a key feature in Celtic Art, and has had hundreds of variations through the history of the Celts. It is featured on intricately detailed metalwork treasures of medieval times, and was often included in the fabulous illuminated Gospels of the Celtic Christian monks. Today, some regard it as a Trinity symbol.

To some, the triscele represents the mind, body and spirit. To others the path of one's spirit though life, death and rebith, the three stages of life. Others associate it with earth, water, and sky, the domains of worldly existence, and their interactions.

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Triscele Brooch - CB042
Triscele Brooch
Triscele Circle Pendant - 6446
Triscele Circle Pendant
Triscele Circle Earrings - 9243
Triscele Circle Earrings
Triscele Earrings - 6223
Triscele Earrings
Triscele Circle Set - TRIS
Triscele Circle Set

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