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We can be contacted at: or by phone at 1 (808) 264 5190.
Maui Celtic, P.O.Box 1323, Lahaina, HI 96767-1323, U.S.A.

Maui Celtic is based on the island of Maui. We can be found at various locations on certain days, if any are detailed here.

Hamish Burgess will be a speaker, and exhibiting The Celtic Art of Hamish Burgess at the 2nd International Day of Celtic Art Conference on June dates TBA in Downpatrick, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, the final resting place of St.Patrick himself. He is humbled to be included among stellar artists and archaeologists from around the world, speaking about their work, displaying artworks and doing demonstrations. Events start with a tour locally on Day 1, Conference Days 2 & 3.

Aloha folks. My Etsy shop HamishBurgessArtist is now open! I have 19 different limited edition giclee prints, some with 2 sizes, and one set of 4, available now. All original creations, except 2 traditional pieces. Set up for US shipping, but contact me if you'd like anything sent outside the US. Thanks for your interest. Cheers!
PLEASE NOTE: Etsy stores tempoarily closed, as Hamish is away. Return date TBA.

Hamish Burgess is available for piping presentations, including the Great Highland Bagpipe and Scottish Smallpipes, and talking about the instrument, the Highland attire, Scottish history, and the history of the Scots in Hawaii. He wears full formal Highland dress of Prince Charlie Jacket, kilt and plaid, or can be more casual in 1700's style Jacobite attire with open shirt, bonnet, kilt and plaid.

Formal Dress

Formal Dress

Jacobite Dress

Jacobite Dress

Please contact us for special orders if you can't see it at our Online Store.

Until further notice, we will NOT be at the Kahului Swap Meet on Saturday mornings.

We will be at special events posted on this page, if any....

We are also available to visit groups at their location on Maui, subject to a minimum charge dependant on the distance travelled.


YOU CAN ORDER COOL CELTIC GIFTS ON THE 'MAUI CELTIC ONLINE STORE'. We invite you to check it out by clicking the 'Storefront' button.

PLEASE NOTE: Online store temporarily closed, as Hamish is away. Return date TBA.
Our online store is currently set up for the US Market. We invite Canadian, European and other international Celts to browse the store and then e-mail us for specific shipping quotes. Our published shipping rates are for the US only.

Maui Celtic T-shirts Original Maui Celtic T-shirts - Triscele, Lei and Dolphin designs (and long sleeved Ts for those chilly Upcountry Maui winter times).
Maui Celtic jewelry Silver and pewter Celtic jewelry - Brooches, Earrings, Pendants, Triscele items, Claddagh items, the Dolphin Collection, and the Celtic Nations Collection - Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Manx national symbols. Celtic Crosses. Maui Celtic torcs Kilt Pins. Classic ancient
style Celtic Neck and Wrist Torcs.
Hair Accessories. Pewter Celtic art objects - Whiskey flasks, Quaichs, Boxes and Candle Holders. Specialty Books - The Scots in Hawai'i, and The History of Bagpiping in the Hawaiian Islands.
Celtic Pens, Paperknives, Wax Seals and Magnifying Glasses.





We can be contacted at: or at:

Maui Celtic
P.O.Box 1323
HI 96767-1323
Cell Phone (808) 264 5190

Map of the IslandsWe're afraid NOT this year.......we used to be the main vendor at the biggest Scottish event in the Hawaiian Islands, The Hawaiian Scottish Association present their Annual Hawaiian Scottish Festival & Highland Games held on Oahu - this year IS CANCELLED due to the health situation - normally the first weekend in April, from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Maui Celtic can normally be seen in the traders area all weekend, nearby the Clan area, where you can find out more about your family history. There are also Pipe Bands, traditional music and storytelling, dancing and Highland Games.

Hamish & Jennifer at the Maui Celtic booth - Hawaiian Scottish Festival 2012

Maui Celtic booth at the Hawaiian Scottish Festival 2012

Thanks for visiting us at the Maui Celtic booth, and supporting your only local Celtic business in the Hawaiian Islands.


Maui Celtic 's own Hamish is on air weekly with THE MAUI CELTIC RADIO SHOW !!

Hot Maui Celtic Radio Show news - the last couple of years of the The Maui Celtic Show are now available to listen at Easy to sign up, and free. A treat for yer Celtic lugs!

Sundays on Maui -the Maui Celtic Radio Show with Hamish Burgess is on the Maui airwaves SUNDAY morning 8-10am & 5-7pm in the evening - on the dial at KAKU 88.5 FM Maui (KAKU885FM on facebook), and online at
Sunday 8-10am in Hawaii, and MAINLAND 10am-12pm US/Canada West coast, 11-1pm Mountain time, 12-2pm Central time, 1-3pm Eastern time, and 6-8pm in Ireland and the UK, Europe 7-9pm. That show is now Monday in Australia 4amQLD/5amVIC, NZ 7am, but the later repeat might suit you better Down Under in Australia 1pmQLD/2pmVIC, and NZ 4pm. That repeat is 5-7pm Hawaii, and 7pm US/Canada West coast, 8pm Mountain time, 9pm Central time, and 10pm Eastern time.
Mahalo to all at Akaku Maui Community Media, Shaggy Jenkins and Joel Agnew, and thanks to underwriters The Irish Rovers and Maui Celtic.

The Maui Celtic Show on Maui only on KAKU 88.5 FM Maui

Artwork part of 'Baby Celtic' © Hamish Burgess 2015
More details on the artwork on our Gallery page.

Tuesdays - the Maui Celtic Radio Show is on Celtic Music Radio 95FM across Glasgow, Scotland from 12 noon to 2pm GMT, streaming at
Online Tuesdays - time for the Winter NOW 2-4am Hawaii, and 4-6am US/Canada Wst coast, 5-7am Mountain time, 6-8am Central time, 7-9am Eastern Time, and 12-2pm in Ireland and the UK, Europe 1-3pm. And that is Australia 10pmQLD/11pm VIC, and NZ WED 1am. REPEAT Thursday - time for the winter 12noon-2pm Hawaii, and 2-4pm US/Canada West coast, 3-5pm Mountain time, 4-6pm Central time, 5-7pm Eastern Time, and 10-midnight in Ireland and the UK, Europe 11pm-1am. That is FRIDAY in Australia 8amQLD/9amVIC, and 11am NZ.
REPEAT Friday - time for the winter is actually Thursday 6-8pm Hawaii, and 8pm-10pm US/Canada West coast, 11pm-2am Eastern Time, and 4-6am in Ireland and the UK, Europe 5-7am, Australia 2pmQLD/3pmVIC, and NZ 5pm.

Chat with Hamish (if he's up!) during the show on Facebook at The Maui Celtic Show page. Many thanks to show underwriters The Irish Rovers.

Hamish Burgess with the late great Liam Clancy at Mana'o Radio studios

Liam Clancy and Hamish Burgess at Mana'o Radio

The show goes worldwide online 4 days a week, with 5 broadcasts, and during the program recently we've had calls/emails from Glasgow (Scotland), Cornwall (UK), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, in the US Boston, Florida, and Oregon. And even Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, Cyprus and Uganda !!


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