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The Ancient alloy of pewter is made of 92% tin, with copper and antimony to harden and enhance casting. Cleaning your pewter art piece is best done by washing it in soapy warm water, then thoroughly drying it. Use a silver polishing cloth to maintain a high polished finish.

DO NOT put pewter ware in a dishwasher, as the cleaning products and high temperatures may damage the metal.

Pewter flasks will last a lifetime if treated with care. Before using the flasks, wash in soapy warm water, then rinse with clean water. Do not store the flask with the lid tightened, as temperature changes may cause it to distort. Pewter flasks are not intended for long term storage of alcohol.


Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish if left uncared for. Tarnish is a coppery, brown or black shade that appears on silver when it is exposed to the air, and the oils and acids on your skin, for periods of time. It normally does not damage your jewelry and is removed easily.

To keep your silver jewelry from Maui Celtic from tarnishing, clean it regularly with a silver polishing cloth, or with a silver cleaning solution and polish it with a soft cloth. Please note that if you use a paste jewelry cleaner for silver, you may get residues of the paste in the knotwork or engraved designs.

If you keep your sterling silver jewelry in a box, you will protect it and slow down the tarnishing.

Avoid using hair spray or perfume after putting on your silver jewelry to prevent serious tarnish.