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Hawaii Tartan Fly Plaid

Hawaii Tartan Fly Plaid

A fine weave Shawl or Fly Plaid in the Hawaii Tartan.

Approx. 38 inches square, with fringed edges.

Made of a soft polyester blend which resists wrinkles. Light and comfortable to wear.

This versatile plaid can either be worn by ladies as a Shawl, or by men as a Fly Plaid.

Ladies - to wear as a comfortable shawl, simply fold the cloth diagonally to form a triangle, which drapes over your shoulders as shown, the ends either left loose or fastened with a Brooch

Gents - to wear as a Fly Plaid, simply drape a corner over the shoulder and pin with a brooch as shown. Either let the plaid hang behind you, or if you want more tartan pull some of it round your shoulder. For more formal wear insert the corner through the epaulet of your Prince Charlie jacket, and pin on the lapel with a brooch. The brooch shown is the Pennanular Brooch on the "Brooches" page.



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