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Hawaii Tartan Sash

Hawaii Tartan Sash

A fine weave full length sash in the Hawaii Tartan.

Approx. 90 x 11 inches, fringed at both ends, hemmed on each side. Made of a soft polyester blend which resists wrinkles. Light and comfortable to wear.

There are many ways to wear a sash 2 are shown above.

Above left wrapped around the body and pinned over the right shoulder, short end down the front, and longer down the back.

Above right draped over the right shoulder, and pinned at the left hip. The brooch shown is the Pennanular Brooch on the "Brooches" page.

Another way to wear the sash is described on the Mini Sash page, except you double this sash over first.

Traditionally, the only time women wear a sash pinned on the left shoulder, is if they are themselves chiefs/chieftains or their wives, or wives of Highland Regiment Colonels.



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