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December 18th - Jan 4th -- Hamish of Maui Celtic was up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for the Holidays with Jennifer, checking out the local Celtic music scene, snowboarding (actually just falling down a lot), and hanging out with racoons !

Racoons in Vacouver

Hamish was introduced to some great Canadian Celtic music by Steve Edge of the Rogue Folk Club, who presents concerts and has a radio show 'The Edge On Folk' on CiTR FM 101.9 Vancouver - Saturdays 8am-12noon Pacific Time - cheers Steve ! He sat in on a few Celtic music sessions at The Wolf & Hound in Vancouver, and also met Geordie ex-pat and great singer/songwriter Tim Readman at his local weekly gig at The Café Montmartre. Other musicians he met were Elegwen Ó Maoileóin, piper of Damanta an Irish/Canadian band, ex-pat Neil Hammond of Vancouver band Cleia, and members of The Wheat in the Barley and Blackthorn - some of whom are also in the Halifax Wharf Rats, a gig he caught downtown.

Saturday 2nd December -- torrential rain to say the least dampened the Maui Celtic booth at the Haleakala Waldorf School Holiday Faire in Kula, Upcountry Maui. Hamish and Siobhan were there all day trying to keep the cool Celtic goodies dry !!.
The fine Scottish weather did not of course stop The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums, who played on the covered stage with young Innes Asher step-dancing in the puddles. Mahalo to the folks who braved the weather and crowded into the tent to watch !

Sunday, Nov. 26th -- Hamish's 'Maui Celtic Show' 8-10 am (Hawaii Time) on 'Sunday Solstice' on Mana'o Radio 91.5 FM, Wailuku, Maui, featured a live 'phone interview with the Irish music star, Robbie O'Connell. "A National Treasure" is how, Ireland's top music magazine, Hot Press, describes Robbie O'Connell, "a man blessed with an enviable turn of phrase and a gift for melodyRobbie O'Connell bestowed on only the few."
Robbie has played and recorded since the '70s, solo and with other artists such as the Clancy Brothers, Mick Moloney and Jimmy Keane, and with Eileen Ivers and Seamus Egan in the Green Fields of America. "Kilkelly" was voted "Best Album Track of the Year" in Ireland. Robbie won the Boston Music Award as Outstanding Celtic Act, and has performed at Carnegie Hall . Recently he has performed with Liam and D�nal Clancy, with the group Aengus, and the Robbie O'Connell Band. He performs as a duo with great singer Aoife Clancy.

Sunday, Nov 19th -- Hamish caught a great concert by Richard Thompson at the McCoy Studo at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. The 57-year-old Englishman of Scottish ancestry was accompanied by standup bassist Danny Thompson (no relation) and percussionist Michael Jerome. Richard Thompson was named in the top 20 in Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, and started his career in 1967 with British folk-rock band Fairport Convention. Many songs from his pen have been recorded by Celtic bands and some have become classics, such as "Dimming Of The Day" and "Crazy Man Michael".

Sunday, Nov 12th -- Hamish's 'Maui Celtic Show' 8-10 am (Hawaii Time) on 'Sunday Solstice' on Mana'o Radio 91.5 FM, Wailuku, Maui, featured a live 'phone interview from Ireland with Irish music Liam Clancylegend Liam Clancy.

Liam has been performing traditional Irish music since the 50s, and enjoyed great success with The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, then as a duo with the Tommy. Liam currently performs as a solo act at pubs, theatres, and festivals across North America and Ireland. He is also completing work on his autobiography. Liam also runs his own recording studio at his estate in Ring, Co. Waterford. A fascinating man with over 50 years of stories from the folk music scene, he has been described by Bob Dylan as 'the best ballad singer in the world'. More info on Liam at

Saturday 11th November -- local pipeband The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums played at the Kula School Harvest Festival, a fun upcountry Maui school fair in a beautiful settting. Hamish was there all day at the Maui Celtic booth with cool Maui Celtic T-shirts, Celtic jewelry and art, books and more Celtic goodies. Kids were stopping by to visit MacShee, a kilted wee elf, and get temporary Celtic Tattoos !!

Maui Celtic Booth, Kula School HArvest Festival, Maui '06

Sunday, Nov 5th -- Hamish's 'Maui Celtic Show' 8-10 am (Hawaii Time) on 'Sunday Solstice' on Mana'o Radio 91.5 FM, Wailuku, Maui, featured a live 'phone interview with Rory Makem, great folk singer of the Makem and Spain Brothers, talking about their career and music. The sons of Irish music legend Tommy Makem - Shane, Rory and Conor Makem - along with Liam and Mickey Spain make up the 5 man harmony vocals, backed by guitars and banjo.

Makem & Spain Brothers(Left to right)

Shane Makem

Liam Spain

Rory Makem

Mickey Spain

Conor Makem




Tuesday October 31st -- the ancient Celtic New Year festival of Samhain (now called Halloween) is always a special night of the year, and this was no exception. Avoiding the madness of Lahaina Halloween on West Maui, Hamish celebrated the old ways with friends in Haiku. In torrential rain they heard endless crying of a wee beast, and after much searching found a kitten close to death, shivering and soaked. Rescued from the Lord of Death, Saman, the abandoned tiny fella was cared for by Roger and Leili, and suvived to be a healthy young would-be tiger named SAMHAIN ! Not sure how favourite son Rory (pictured) felt about that for the first few months............

Rory in his Kilt, Haiku Maui, Samhain or Halloween '06The Celtic New Year SAMHAIN (pronounced 'sha-ven' or 'sow-en' depending where you were), marked the beginning of Winter, with the harvesting finished and the start of stockpiling fuel and produce. Bonfires were lit, and household fires extinguished to be rekindled later from the ceremonial fires, to welcome returning souls of the dead. Young folk would jump thru the fires to cleanse themselves for the new year, or run sunwise around the fire, getting closer each time till it became too hot, the bravest having the best luck in the coming year. The goddess Bride or Brigit, ended her ruling season, and her straw crosses were put up to proect family and livestock. In Scotland, Cailleach Bheur, goddess of winter, began her reign.

The Celts believed on that night between the passing of the old year, and the arrival of the new, that the veil between our world and the Otherworld (or spirit world) was thinnest, and that spirits and faerie folk could visit the human world, and vice versa, and that you could contact your passed ancestors. That belief has continued with today's Halloween traditions of witches and ghosts, etc. The Christian church called the festival 'The Feast of all Saints', on 'All Saints' Eve' or 'All Hallows' Eve', hence the term "Hallowe'en" (more info on our CELTS - BELIEFS page).

Saturday 28th October -- Hamish Burgess of Maui Celtic piped the Masons in grand style into the Kahului Maui Scottish Rite Centennial Celebration at the Royal Lahaina Hotel in West Maui.

Saturday 21st October -- The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums played at the Boys and Girls Club Annual Benefit Golf Tournament at Makena South Golf Course, revving up the golfers with some pipe tunes just before the carts raced off at the shotgun start.

Maui Earthquake October 15th '06Sunday 15th October -- Hamish's 'Maui Celtic Show' scheduled for 8-10 am (Hawaii Time) on Mana'o Radio 91.5 FM, Wailuku, Maui, didn't happen today as a powerful EARTHQUAKE caused an island-wide blackout on Maui at approximately 7.08am. This was the strongest earthquake felt throughout the islands in the past 23 years, a 6.7-magnitude quake that occurred west of the Big Island at 7:07am. Hamish and Jennifer were driving to the radio station along the Pali Cliffs on West Maui, and drove through about 40 rock falls !! The Maui Celtic crew picked up info from Oahu radio stations and from calls from the mainland, and manned the Mana'o 'phones answering calls from concerned residents. We couldn't broadcast until later in the day. Damage occurred to homes around the island, and knocked out bridges on the way to Hana, cutting off the East Maui community - fortunately there was no loss of life. Power was restored on Maui by lunchtime, just in time to meet pals in Paia, where the quake had shaken paintings out of place in the cafes.

Saturday 7th October -- members of The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums played at the St.Johns Kula Festival. Hamish was there with cool Maui Celtic T-shirts, Celtic jewelry and art, books and more Celtic goodies at the Maui Celtic booth.

Saturday September 30th -- the St.Andrew Society of Hawaii event Dressed to the Kilt was at the Hawaii Prince Hotel in Waikiki. Last year, "The Scottish Sailor" play was a success, and by popular request, a sequel to this play was performed this evening.

Hamish Burgess and Maui Celtic at Dressed to the Kilt '06The event featured an excellent formal dinner, with a call to the tables by the Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii. 'Scottish Sailor Part 2', the sequel to last year's hilarious musical comedy, a scotch tasting, Highland fashions, and even a sea shanty sing-along. Hamish of Maui Celtic was there with in formal kilt attire of the Hawaii tartan, with a booth of Highland Dress accessories and Celtic Wear. Champion Piper Robert Watt at Dressed to the Kilt, Honolulu '06

To top it all off, there was a featured performance by Champion Bagpiper Robert Watt from Northern Ireland. He began to play his first instrument, the great highland bagpipe at the age of seven in his local pipe band, Tamlaght O'Crilly. In 1998 he joined the world champion Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band and spent three years there performing and competing at the highest level at the top of grade one. He has also performed with Emma Culbert as a Celtic music duo.

Sunday 17th September -- 3rd annual Halfway to St.Patricks Day party at 'Mulligan's on the Blue' in Wailea. Opened by the Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums , then The Celtic Tigers. There was a best hat and best Leprechaun outfit competition. Maui Celtic was there with cool logo T-shirts available. The craic was mighty !

August 9th - 19th -- Hamish of Maui Celtic was in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where Jennifer was showing him around. He was checking out the First Nations artwork of the Haida people at museums and private collections, his favourite art form other than Celtic. On that note, he was also visiting Aidan Meehan, renowned Celtic artist from Ireland, and author of many books on the construction of Celtic knotwork.

Hamish Burgess at a surf hut on Vancouver Island '06Hamish and Jennifer took the ferry from Horseshoe Bay and went out to Tofino, on the Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island (nearly as big as the UK), for a bit or R & R and some surfing ! Tofino is a cool surf town with many art galleries and restaurants, and good surf spots too. One beach is covered in driftwood surf shelters that have been there for years.

The surf is a chilly temperature all year round, and watch out for the August fog - lucky it burns off during the day !


Hamish Burgess and Paul MacKenzie of the Real MacKenziesThey also went to a party where Hamish met Jennifer's cousin, Paul McKenzie of the Scottish/Canadian Celtic punk/rock band The Real McKenzies. Founded by singer Paul in 1994, with a sound 'best described as the Sex Pistols meet Scottish folk legend Robbie Burns', he really is a Burns fan, and the boys had a great chat about the famous poet over a few beers. He has also said “As a lad, my parents and grandparents would dress me up in a kilt and make me sing and dance to traditional Scottish music. Starting a Scottish punk band is my way of getting revenge!”. Their latest CD is '10,000 Shots' on Fat Wreck Chords, and the kilted rockers regularly tour, with a huge following in Europe, as well as North America.

Hamish also played the Highland pipes at a local Vancouver session at the Wolf & Hound pub - always a good craic.

Saturday August 5th -- the "Maui Sugar Plantation Festival", at the Maui Sugar Museum in Puunene, near Kahului, featured The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums. Mahalo for supporting your local non-profit pipe band by visiting our 'Scots in Hawai'i' history and info booth.

The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums at the Maui Sugar Plantation Festival 2006

The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums at the Maui Sugar Plantation Festival 2006

Saturday July 22nd -- the Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums marched at the "Cancer Relay For Life", at the War Memorial Soccer Field Stadium in Kahului, when we lead the Cancer Survivors on a Victory Lap. Please support all your local non-profit organisations.......Mahalo.

TUESDAY JULY 4th -- INDEPENDENCE DAY, Irish American style in Lahaina at 'MULLIGANS AT THE WHARF' !! Trevor Jones played from 6-9pm during the Lahaina Town Fireworks Show (fired from a barge offshore), then the Celtic Tigers played till late. Independence Day craic !!

Maui Celtic *ipes and Drums in the Makawao 4th July Parade '06

Saturday July 1st -- the Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums marched in the 4th July Makawao Parade near the front of the parade going up Baldwin Ave. Every year our local non-profit pipe band marches in this 4th July Parade (held on the nearest Saturday), and we win 2nd place trophy. Please support the band give us a huge cheer as we go by, as we'd like to win 1st place one of these times.......Mahalo.

Hamish and Pete of Maui Celtic with members of the Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Scottish AssociationJune 24-25th -- Hamish and Peter of MAUI CELTIC were at the re-held 25th HAWAIIAN SCOTTISH FESTIVAL AND GAMES in Kapiolani Park, Waikiki - the first one sceduled this year was rained off in April. Thanks to everyone who visited us, and also to all the organizers and the musicians who made it a great weekend ! A special Mahalo to Ian Laing who is retiring as Chieftain of the Hawaiian Scottish Association for helping Maui Celtic grow as a local company. Mahalo to Dan And Mary Peddie and the rest of the HSA for re-staging the Games, and making it a success.
There was bagpiping, traditional Celtic music, dancing and Highland Games...... The Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawai'i, Celtophilia, Kaimana Ceili Band, Jig This School of Irish Dance, The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (Hawai'i Branch), The Musketeer Fencers, The Society for Creative Anachronism, The Squirrel Hunters, and Whiskey Starship !

Hamish and Peter of Maui Celtic at 'Scottish Sunset on the Beach' with the Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawaii '06The Maui Celtic boys had a great time playing as guests with the Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawai'i, when they opened the 'Scottish Sunset on the Beach' showing of the movie "Local Hero" on the big screen on Kuhio Beach, in front of about 2000 people. Peter also was guest drummer with them all weekend. Mahalo to the Oahu pipeband for their hospitality, and to Bill Comerford down at O'Tooles Irish Pub.

Hamish of Maui Celtic closed this years Games piping on the main stage with a solo set of Scottish tunes, then finishing with "Amazing Grace".


Maui Celtic at Fort Wayne, IndianaSaturday June 10th -- saw Maui Celtic in Indiana for the first time at the Fort Wayne Highland Games. After a rainy start, it cleared up for a great day. There were Pipe Bands, Highland Dance competitions, Highland Games, and lively Celtic music from Mother Grove. Not to mention the 'Bonniest Knees' contest that Hamish was press ganged by buxom wenches to enter !! Maui Celtic had a booth with Rampant Lion Celtic Traders (, the best CD retailers of Celtic music in America ! Many thanks to Jack and Gayle Baker for their incredible hospitality, and all the folks at the Games for their interest in Maui Celtic !

Shay Clarke and Bill MargesonMonday June 5th -- saw Hamish of Maui Celtic guest on the Chicago Celtic music radio show "Blarney on the Air", hosted by Shay Clarke and Bill Margeson - what a craic ! Bill and Shay are great guys and play fantastic music on Mondays from 7-9pm Central Time on WDCB Public Radio (90.9fm Chicago), from the College of DuPage, online at - Hawai'i time it would be 2-4pm Monday afternoon. Give it a listen online........

Shay Clarke and Bill Margeson - 'Blarney on the Air'

Hamish also visited the Chicago Irish American Heritage Center (, a grand old building with classrooms, a theater, The Fifth Province pub, fascinating museum of Irish artifacts, and an amazing library of Irish books, not to mention great Celtic artwork all round the building. They also host the Chicago Irish Fest in July, with some brilliant Celtic music.

Hamish of Maui Celtic at the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago

He met some cool Irish and Chicago folks in Millenium Park, when he was looking at the Cloud Gate mirror bean sculpture, who noticed his classic Maui Celtic T-shirt, and stopped for a chat.

Maui Celtic in MilwaukeeSaturday June 3rd -- saw Maui Celtic in Milwaukee, invading the mainland for the first time in at the Milwaukee Highland Games in Glendale, WI. The setting was a beautiful wooded Biergarten. There were Pipe Band competitions, Highland Dance competitions, Highland Games, and Celtic music from The Sandcarvers. Maui Celtic had a great booth with Rampant Lion Celtic Traders ( Many thanks to them and all the folks at the Games for their interest in Maui Celtic !

May 27th -- saw the Highland wedding of two great friends, ace piper Roger McKinley and the lovely Leili Welpton. The brilliant ceremony was held at the Molokini lookout in Wailea, with amazing views and great weather. Members of The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums played the wedding party in, and there was a beautiful sunset ceremony, only overshadowed by the stunning bride. The biggest kilted wedding in years on Maui saw many tartans present, with Roger's Hawaiian family looking great in the Scottish Kilt with polynesian tattoos ! The reception was a fine dinner at the Seawatch Restaurant, with amusing speeches all round. All the best to Roger and Leili - Slainte !! Lang may yer lumb reek !

Thursday April 27th -- saw the 2nd annual David Hume Day at the Maui Community College in Kahului, when we celebrated the birthday of the famous 18th-century Scottish philosopher. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, David Hume (April 26, 1711 - August 25, 1776) was a Scottish philosopher, economist, and historian who is one of the most important figures of Western philosophy and of the Scottish Enlightenment. There was music in the Food Court (Pa'ina Building) at 11.30 am, with local Celtic musicians, and Hamish Burgess from Maui Celtic played the bagpipes, with Peter Della Croce on drums. There was also a talk by Scottish historian John Crowe on Scottish history, Clans and Tartans. As community partner to, and in support of the MCC 'Celtic Club', Maui Celtic had a collection of books, artwork and T-shirts available outside the Food Court.

THURSDAY APRIL 6th WAS TARTAN DAY !!! ..........It is a nationally recognized day to honor Scottish Heritage in America, where the contribution of immigrant Scots is massive. Tartan is often known in the US as 'plaid'. Senate Resolution 155, was passed unanimously on March 20th 1998, designating April 6th of each year as "National Tartan Day".

Wednesday April 5th saw the return of the Celtic group Molly's Revenge to 'Mulligan's on the Blue' in Wailea. The band played great energetic traditional Scottish and Irish music during a Mulligan's dinner. Down to a trio, as singer Pete was unable to make the trip, the boys were really tight, with guitarist Stuart doing a couple of songs, fiddler John ripping it up even while getting knocked in the head by the wild antics of amazing piper David Brewer !! A highlight was David playing 2 whistles at the same time ! For more on Molly's Revenge go to

Tuesday April 4th saw the return of the Celtic group Molly's Revenge to Maui, when they played at St.John's Church, Keokea, Kula. The band played energetic traditional Scottish and Irish music and have been known to get a bit wild ! This visit was as a threesome, without usual singer Peter. For more on Molly's Revenge go to

Sat + Sun April 1st -2nd we are sad to report that the 'The Hawaiian Scottish Association's' 25th Anniversary 'Scottish Festival' in Kapiolani Park, Waikiki, Oahu was cancelled due to waterlogged fields. However, the festivities went ahead on a smaller (but just as enthusiastic) scale at Kelley O'Neill's Irish Pub on Lewers Street in Waikiki, thanks to the incredible hospitality of Bill Comerford (, who staged a Celtic festival in his pub for the weekend. Hamish and Jennifer were at the Maui Celtic booth all weekend, and thank Bill for the chance to see our Oahu friends and out-of-State visitors, and thanks all the musicians who kept the pub reeling lively. These included Hamish from Maui Celtic on Highland Pipes, The Muses and Molly's Revenge both days. Saturday also saw several members of The Celtic Pipes and Drums of hawai'i stop by, the U.C.California Riverside Pipe Band, and local Oahu group Celtic Waves. Sunday also saw the Kaimana Ceili Band. 'Rampant Lion Celtic Traders' had a fine range of CDs, and the ever cheerful 'Celtic Craft Centre' were there for kilts !

Sat April 1st on Oahu saw the annual 'St.Andrew Society Ceilidh' at the Elks Lodge in Waikiki. Oahu's finest Scottish attire was out for the evening ! Molly's Revenge opened the ceilidh, followed by a fabulous dinner, then a great set from The Shuswap Pipes 'n Drums from B.C., Canada. Two local sisters put on a fine display of Irish stepdancing, after which The Muses closed the evening.

Friday March 24th saw the return of Celtic duo The Muses to Maui, when they played at St.John's Church, Keokea, Kula. The talented multi-instrumentalists (based in Colorado) played traditional Scottish and Irish music, as well as some original compositions. The concert featured music from their new CD "Passing Time ". The duo also played several free library gigs around the island, and at the West Maui Kaunao Senior Center. For more on The Muses go to

Saturday March 18th saw the return to Maui of World Champion Bagpiper JACK LEE at the Makawao Union Church. The doors opened at 7pm to the sounds of local pipers on the Scottish smallpipes. thanks for supporting this fundraiser for our island's non-profit pipe band, "The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums", who opened the sold-out show with a set of Irish tunes. Jack Lee followed with a stunning level of world class piping. During the intermission there was a chance to shop at 'Maui Celtic' , who had a stand of fine Celtic Imports, logo wear, artwork, and Jack's CDs. The second half started with a fine display of Highland dancing by Alan Davidson, Georgia Crawford and Bonnie Moore. Jack then continued with a brilliant set, called back for an encore with a standing ovation. The grand finale was a lively set by "The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums" led by Jack Lee.
Jack Lee has been regarded as one of the world's leading bagpipers for 25 years. He is the Pipe Sergeant and co-founder of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, 4 time winner of the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland. As a solo piper, Jack has won nearly all the top awards available, including the Gold Medal at Inverness and Oban(Scotland), the Gold Clasp at Inverness (the premier award in the piping world, open only to former winners of the Gold Medal), The Senior Piobaireachd at Oban, The Silver Star at Inverness (twice), and the Glenfiddich Piobaireachd (pibroc) at Blair Atholl, Scotland (twice). He is also 15 time winner of the BC Pipers Association Annual Gathering! Jack has a solo CD in the "World's Greatest Pipers" series available.

Sunday March 12th saw Maui's own Celtic group Tropical Harps celebrating the release of their first CD, 'UPCOUNTRY CELTIC', at a concert and party, at St. John's Episcopal Church, Kula. The 6-piece band, led by Maria Valentine, featured harps, hammered dulcimer, fiddle, tin whistles, concertina, guitars, ukulele, banjo and vocals, in an all-Irish program showcasing selections from the CD. A grand show.

Sunday, February 19th Maui Celtic presented top young Scottish duo of smallpiper and fiddler Fin Moore and Sarah Hoy on their first visit to Maui, at St. John's Church, Keokea.
The weather was appropriate for a Scottish concert up in Keokea that afternoon, and Haleakala was a 'mist covered mountain'. Sarah and Fin played a fabululous set of music in the first half hour. The interval saw time for 'tea and cakes' and a look at the Maui Celtic booth. The second half saw fantastic music and wee stories from the talented young musicains, with a surprise Scottish step dance from Fin ! A standing ovation brought the duo back for a last rousing set of jigs and reels. A highlight of the Celtic year !! For more on Fin and Sarah, and to hear their music, go to
Fin Moore and Sarah Hoy started playing as an exciting duo 3 years ago, and have since performed together all over Scotland, and in the USA. The pipes and fiddle together produce a pure, timeless, and perfectly balanced sound. In the hands of this pair, they can turn out music from the most heart-achingly beautiful slow air, to a set of reels that would have your granny spinning round the floor.
Fin Moore is a partner with his father Hamish, as the worlds leading smallpipe makers, and are masters of their instruments. Fin is gaining a great reputation as a teacher of pipes, teaching at the Gaelic College in Cape Breton. and at piping schools in Scotland and around the world. He has performed at the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow, Celtic Colours in Cape Breton, the Edinburgh International Festival and the William Kennedy Piping Festival, Armagh. He has played solo and with bands Dannsa, Slainte Mhath, and Back of the Moon, winners at the traditional music awards 2003.
"this boy was born to play a reel and when he did so on the Scottish Small Pipes, stamping both feet to produce a step dance rhythm section........ living precariously with his own exciting variations, he was magic" Alastair Clark, The Scotsman.
Sarah Hoy was born into a family steeped in musical tradition. She took up the fiddle aged eight, learning from her father Derek, fiddler with classic Scots band, Jock Tamson's Bairns, and later with Mairi Campbell, well-known fiddler, singer and step dancer. She has now established her own school for young fiddlers in her area, and has taught round Scotland, and the USA. Sarah plays with a dance band, the Trows, and sits in with her dad in Bella McNab's Dance Band. She has performed at Celtic Connections in Glasgow, Edinburgh International Festival, and played for step dancing at Ceolas summer school on South Uist. Sarah taught and performed at Edinburgh Fiddle Festival and featured on 'Heat The Hoose 2', a compilation of top Scottish fiddlers at the festival.
"Her upbeat style is immensely likeable, and her compositions immediately caught my attention." Cheryl Turner, Rambles.

Sunday February 19th - Hamish joined Tony Clifford on Mana'o Radio for a special show featuring Scottish duo of smallpiper and fiddler Fin Moore and Sarah Hoy. They played 2 hours of their favorite Celtic music with stories and a great live set of upbeat tunes .

Sunday February 12th - Hamish joined Tony Clifford on Mana'o Radio for a 'Valentines Special', 2 hours of great Celtic music with the theme of love.

Saturday, February 11th saw the Celtic duo Magical Strings perform at St. John's Church in Keokea. MAGICAL STRINGS centers around the Celtic harp and hammered dulcimer of Philip and Pam Boulding, at times augmented by violin, cello, pennywhistle, percussion and various instruments from around the world. The hawaiian style 'slack key' harp playing was a highlight ! Philip also ran a harp workshop during the day.

Friday, February 3rd saw the top traditional Irish band L�NASA at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Kahului. Called an "Irish music dream team" by Folk Roots magazine, this all-star quintet L�nasa is comprised of alumni from some of the greatest Irish groups of the decade, and named for an ancient Celtic harvest festival in honor of the god Lugh (patron of the arts).
The evening opened in the Founders Court with Hamish Burgess ( Highland pipes) and Peter Della Croce (drums) of Maui Celtic, playing before and after a great set by Kevin O'Kennedy and David Bryant of An Ril . Irish food before the show was by Mulligan's on the Blue. In the Castle Theater, L�nasa were nothing short of brilliant, with the audience on their feet well before the end of the show. From beautiful slow airs to foot stomping jigs and reels, tonight was a highlight of the year for Celtic music on Maui. Lunasa were also visiting Hawaii (Jan 26/27), Oahu (Jan 28/31), and Kauai (Feb 4). For more info go to ''.

Wednesday, February 1st saw the great traditional Irish band L�NASA (see above) play a fantastic free concert at the Helene Hall, Hana (down on the waterfront by Hana Bay). There was food and Irish Tea before the show, and most of Hana turned out to see the boys ! An incredible gig by one of the top traditional acts on the scene today. Hamish was lucky enough to have a few beers with the lads after the show, and thanks to Kevin from Mulligan's for bringing the Guinness, and the locals at the hotel for letting us carry on there. The craic was mighty down in Hana !!

Sunday 29th January - Hamish joined Dr.B and J.J. for an 'Imbolc Special', 2 hours of great Celtic music played by Hamish of Maui Celtic. This weeks theme was Celtic music connected with Imbolc, the ancient Spring festival.

Wednesday, January 25th saw the annual Robert Burns Celebrations on Maui. The first celebration of Scotland's National Poet was at Kihei Surfside, starting at 4:30 pm with piping by Hamish of Maui Celtic, and visitor Steve Henderson from Washington. Joined by Piper Mike MacDougal and drummers Peter Della Croce and Colin Hanlon of the Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums the lads played a set, and dancers led by Mairi Dyer-Siedel performed the 'Gay Gordons'. Hamish piped in the haggis, which was addressed by Prakash MacKay, followed by all the relevant toasts and Robert Burns poetry, by himself and Cameron Keyes. Steve then led 'Auld Lang Syne' on the pipes. What an incedible dramatic sunset !!

The festivities continued at Mulligan's on the Blue, with Robert Burns Night presented by Maui Celtic and Mulligans. This wild celebration of the world's most translated poet started at 6:45 pm, with a set by The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums, followed with the 'Selkirk Grace' by MC John Crowe, our local Scottish historian, who also read Robert Burns poetry. Hamish piped in the haggis, followed by the whiskey bearer, and John addressed the haggis. All the relevant toasts ensued, the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns, The Loyal Toast, Toast to the Lassies by Hamish, and a reply by a lady visitor. Rose Rosinsky led a fine singing of 'Auld Lang Syne' , The Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums played a rousing set, followed by music from the Celtic Tigers, and a fabulous solo by songstress Debra Lynne ! A great craic and highlight of the Celtic calendar !

Sunday 22nd January - Hamish joined Dr.B and J.J. for a 'Robert Burns Special', 2 hours of great Celtic music played by Hamish of Maui Celtic on Mana'o Radio. The program theme was compositions by Scotland's National Poet in song and Celtic music, from mellow to lively !!

Sunday January 1st - Hamish joined Dr.B and J.J. for a Hogmanay Special on Mana'o Radio 91.5 fm (Maui, Hawai'i). As well as playing 2 hours of great Celtic music, the boys talked about the Scottish New Year traditions.

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